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This is a small sample of simple maxscripts I have created. Most are created to increase the quality of life by reduce the number of clicks an operation takes.

- Editable Poly Preferences: Sets defaults for most tools in Edit/Editable Poly. You can set things like default Extrusion height and Chamfer segments. Edit the script to add/remove settings.

- Primitives for Quad: By default if you add Primitives to your quad you loose the ability to draw them out in the viewport. This script re-creates the drawing mode for the most commonly used primitives so you can use them in the quad.

- Spline from Edge: Bypasses the popup menu and creates a new spline from edge selection then selects the newly created spline.

- Smoothing Group Up/Down: Increases or decreases the smoothing group number of your selected faces. Much easier than selecting a number.

- UV Grid Increase/Decrease: Increases or decreases the UV grid size by 0.25. You can easily customize the amount in the script.

- Load/Merge from Clipboard: If you have a .Max file path copied to your clipboard this script will merge or load it.

- Snaps Toggle: This script toggles between two snap settings. This enables you to switch between Vert and Edge snaps, for example, without ever opening the dialog. You change or add multiple settings by editing the script.

-Quick Reset Xform: By default if you add Reset Xform to your quad/hotkey it just takes you to the menu. This script adds the modifier and collapses it. Also this is undoable where as the default one is not. 

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